Major COMNET Update and ASHRAE 90.1-2016

Submitted by Charles Eley on Mon, 08/08/2016 - 14:38

In early August 2016, COMNET launched a new website. This is the first major reorganization of the website in more than five years. The changes are described in the following bullets:

  • We have added a new set of modeling guidelines to support ASHRAE 90.1-2016 performance rating method with addendum BM. This new procedure fixes the baseline building to be roughly equal to the 2004 standard and introduces a new metric called the Performance Cost Index (PCI). The process for calculating PCI for a candidate building is stable and does not change when the standard is updated. Instead, the PCI target simply becomes lower. Click here for more information. This COMNET purpose is provided as a DRAFT. Please register and provide us with your comments. 
  • The modeling guidelines are produced as a separate "book" to be consistent with the COMNET derivatives developed by the California Energy Commission and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. The material on advanced modeling tips, standard reports, default time-of-use energy tariffs, and software accreditation still exist, but they have been moved to their own sections on the website. 
  • The COMNET reference appendices have been updated and improved. Appendix B (modeling data) now includes the baseline LPDs from the 2016 Appendix G along with control credits. References to standard schedules is clarified and other improvements have been made.
  • The default schedules in Appendix C have been updated to be consistent with recent recommendations from the Standard 90.1 project committee. 
  • You must be registered in order to download the COMNET reference appendices and other information. 
  • Once registered, you can make comments on the guidelines and other material. You can also respond to comments made by others.