Software Accreditation

This document was chapter 3 of the original COMNET modeling guidelines and procedures. The material here is under revision and the contents here should be read in this context.

This document contains the software requirements that must be implemented by COMNET accredited software. The tests fall into the following categories:

  • Tests to verify that the software is evaluating thermal loads and the response of the HVAC systems to these loads in a manner that is acceptable. These tests reference ASHRAE Standard 140-2007, Standard Method of Test for Evaluation of Building Energy Analysis Computer Programs.
  • Tests to verify that the candidate building or the proposed design is modeled with the correct fixed and restricted inputs, including schedules of operation, receptacle loads, process loads and other components.
  • Tests to verify that the baseline building is created correctly, e.g. that the baseline HVAC system is properly specified and that other components of the baseline are correctly defined.