The COMNET modeling guidelines are supported by five technical appendices. You must be registered in order to download these documents.  


Appendix A - Building Descriptors Reference This appendix is currently being updated to include the modeling guideline revisions made to support Standard 90.1-2016.
Appendix B - Modeling Data

For each building area and space-by-space category, this appendix contains default assumptions for occupancy, lighting, ventilation, plug loads, process loads, water heating, and a recommended set of schedules. 

Appendix C - Default Schedules This appendix has a set of 14 default schedules of building operation. 
Appendix D - Construction Materials This appendix has the default properties of construction materials referenced in the modeling guidelines.
Appendix F - Time-of-Use Tariffs This appendix documents the methodology used to develop the COMNET time-of-use default tariffs. 
Appendix H - Equipment Performance Curves This appendix has default equipment performance curves for fans, air conditioners, chillers, boilers and other equipment referenced in the modeling guidelines
Plug Loads TSD Technical support document on the derivation of the COMNET default plug loads.