These presentations were delivered  in late 2011 to explain the COMNET building descriptor. At the time of these presentations the building descriptors were included as chapter 6 of the original Modeling Guidelines and Procedures. The presentations were made by Charles Eley as part of a series of presentations on the COMNET quality assurance program for energy modeling.

Presentation Description Presenter
Seminar Number 7 (August 25, 2011) and Q&A session Building Descriptors - Overview (6.1) and Project Data (6.2) Charles Eley
Seminar Number 8 (September 1, 2011) and Q&A session Building Descriptors - Thermal Blocks (6.3) and Spaces (6.4)  Charles Eley
Seminar Number 9 (September 8, 2011) Building Descriptors - Spaces (6.4) and Building Envelope (6.5) John Arent
Seminar Number 10 (September 15, 2011) Building Descriptors - HVAC Zone level (6.6) and HVAC Secondary Systems (6.7) Charles Eley
Seminar Number 11 (September 22, 2011)/a> and Q&A session Building Descriptors - HVAC Secondary Systems (6.7) and HVAC Primary Systems (6.8) Charles Eley
Seminar Number 12 (September 29, 2011) Building Descriptors - Miscellaneous energy uses and on-site generation (6.9) and the COMNET Equipment Curves Charles Eley