Advanced Modeling Tips

This document was chapter 7 of the original COMNET modeling guidelines and procedures. 

There are a number of building types and energy design measures that present a challenge for energy modelers and the tools they use. These are addressed in this chapter. 

1. Challenging Building Types

1.1 Data Centers

1.2 Health Care

1.3 Laboratories

2. Design Features

2.1 Active Chilled Beams

2.2 Automatically Controlled Window Shades

2.3 Dedicated Outside Air Systems (DOAS)

2.4 Displacement Ventilation

2.5 Dynamic Glazing

2.5 Gas Engine Driven Heat Pumps

2.7 Ground Source Heat Pumps

2.8 Ice Storage Air Conditioners

2.9 Radiant Heating and/or Cooling

2.10 Under Floor Air Distribution (UFAD)

2.11 Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)