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Submitted by Charles Eley on Wed, 07/20/2016 - 17:05
Standard Format for Transfer of Simulation Results

Energy analysis programs are becoming more advanced and energy standards are becoming more stringent. This is driving more design teams to use a performance approach to comply with codes or to qualify for incentive and recognition programs. Each software application produces output in a different format and each code authority or energy program administrator requires that information be submitted in a different format. Energy modelers spend considerable time translating software results in to a suitable format for the program administrator. This paper recommends a standard results format to serve as a sort of Rosetta Stone to ease and facilitate communication between energy modelers and energy program administrators. The standard format is electronic and defined as an extended markup language (XML) schema. Each software application can write simple routines to port their results to this format and each program administrator can write simple parsing routines to read the standard XML format and transfer it to their database format.