The 2016 modeling guidelines were written by Charles Eley, who also coordinated the reorganization of the website. Meghan Sweet designed and implemented the new website with direction from Charles Eley and Mark Frankel of the New Buildings Institute. New Buildings Institute is grateful to John Wilson and the Energy Foundation, which provided funding to enable this work.

The original modeling guidelines were developed by Architectural Energy Corporation (AEC) under contract to the New Buildings Institute (NBI). Charles Eley served as the primary author and technical editor. Kimberly Goodrich wrote Chapter 4 and provided copy editing, formatting, and document production. John Arent, Kristen Salinas, Lisa Gartland, and Deborah Stanescu provided technical content in Chapter 6. AEC had four subcontractors. Energy and Environmental Economics (Snuller Price and his team) developed the default time-of-use energy tariffs and was primarily responsible for Chapter 5. Mangesh Basarkar of Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) developed the acceptance criteria for Standard 140-2007 and was primarily responsible for Chapter 3. Martyn Dodd of EnergySoft developed the advanced modeling recommendations and was primarily responsible for Chapter 7. Jon McHugh of McHugh Engineering contributed to Chapter 6 on lighting, daylighting, and refrigeration.

Mark Cherniack was the project manager for New Buildings Institute and managed the review process. Valuable input was received from Cliff Majersik and Sonal Kemkar of the Institute of Market Transformation; Martha Brook of the California Energy Commission; David Goldstein and Nick Zigelbaum of the Natural Resources Defense Council; Harry Misuriello of ACEEE; Jean Lupinacci of US EPA; Dan Macumber and Luigi Polese of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Krishnan Gowri, Ron Jarnigan, and Mike Rosenberg, of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Tianzhen Hong and Philip Haves of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Kevin Madison of Madison Engineering; Fred Porter and Michael Holtz of AEC; Dan Nall of Flack+Kurtz; Joel Neymark of J. Neymark and Associates; Philip Fairey of FSEC; Jason Glazer of GARD Analytics; and several other members of the ASHRAE 90.1 Energy Cost Budget (ECB) Subcommittee.This publication benefited from considerable previous research which is documented in footnotes. However, the following documents were especially important resources:

  • ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2001 and 90.1-2007, Energy Standards for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings (especially the Performance Rating Method in Appendix G)
  • California 2005 Nonresidential ACM manual, California Energy Commission
  • ECB Compliance Supplement, Version 1.2, March 1996, Prepared by the 90.1 ECB Panel, but unpublished
  • B. Griffith, et. al., Methodology for Modeling Building Energy Performance across the Commercial Sector, Technical Report NREL/TP-550-41956, March 2008

The COMNET body of knowledge is a community project in which multiple persons have contributed.