1.2 Other COMNET Purposes

When procedures exist for determining an appropriate PCI target, the 2016 PRM modeling guidelines may be used in lieu of the COMNET rulesets for previous versions of Standard 90.1. However, COMNET still maintains specific rulesets for Standards 90.1-2010, 90.1-2007 and 90.1-2001 and these are accessible at the COMNET website. Some energy programs such as the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR and ASHRAE’s Building Energy Quotient compare rated building modeling results to empirical data, as opposed to a modeled baseline building. COMNET maintains modeling guidelines for these purposes as well. All the COMNET supported purposes and modeling guidelines are shown in Table 1.1-1.

Table 1.2-1: Summary of COMNET Modeling Guidelines

Modeling Guidelines


Baseline Standard



Code compliance, beyond-code programs, and more

Standard 90.1‑2016 Appendix G, roughly 90.1-2004

This is the principle set of modeling guidelines supported by COMNET since it can be used for current and previous standards and has many other advantages. This version of 90.1 incorporates addendum BM.


LEED Version 4

Standard 90.1‑2010

Used for the LEED Version 4 green building rating system.


LEED 2.2

Standard 90.1‑2007

Used for the previous version of the LEED green building rating system.


Tax Deductions

Standard 90.1‑2001

The federal program has expired. While the baseline criteria was the 2001 standard, it used the PRM modeling rules from the 2004 standard.



CBECS 2003

The Design to Earn ENERGY STAR program compares modeling results to empirical data derived from the CBECS 2003 survey.



CBECS 2003

This program also uses an empirical baseline similar to ENERGY STAR.