A COMNET developed quality control and assurance program, is widely accepted and used as the most technically credible and reliable process for evaluating commercial and high-rise multifamily building energy performance, as required for building energy code compliance, sustainability ratings, asset ratings, and operations as well as governmental and utility programs and tax programs.

COMNET Mission

COMNET’s mission is to build consensus among software developers, rating authorities and energy modelers, and through this process, develop and maintain a quality control and assurance program for evaluating the energy performance of new and existing commercial and high-rise multifamily buildings.

COMNET Quality Control and Assurance Program Objectives

  • establish a forum for developing initiatives, guidelines, and standards for building energy modeling
  • develop and publish consensus guidelines and standards for building energy modeling
  • provide a detailed specification for energy analysis software in the Modeling Guidelines and Procedures (MGP)
    • automate generation of baseline building (required by the MGP)
    • control neutral variables (required by the MGP)
    • accredit software that implements the MGP
    • continue review and quality assurance of accredited software
    • update and enhance the MGP along with requirements for re-accreditation
    • develop official interpretations on how the MGP specification applies,
  • adopt standard formats for inputs and outputs of building energy modeling simulators
  • develop and maintain the COMNET portal through which all COMNET accredited energy analyses would pass
    • make basic and automated quality assurance checks for every COMNET energy analysis
    • select certain COMNET energy analyses for detailed quality assurance checks by qualified engineer
  • perform periodic internal quality audits of COMNET quality process, per ISO 9000