Modeling Guidelines  & Procedures

Modeling Guidelines and Proceedures

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The COMNET energy efficiency calculation process serves three distinct purposes:

  •  Establishing eligibility for federal tax deductions per $179D of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Calculating percent savings for point eligibility related to green building rating systems; and
  •  Estimating annual energy use for a building in the design phase for the purpose of energy labels.


The COMNET Technical Committee maintains the MGP and uses the following process for reviewing and approving comments that are submitted online to the Content Management System (CMS):

  1. User selects appropriate purpose, and submits comments on a specific section of the MGP using the CMS “Add New Comment” feature.
  2. COMNET staff/contractor adds a note to CMS stating that the comment is under review.
  3. COMNET staff/contractor reviews comments and makes an initial determination on whether the comment is consistent with the specified MGP Purpose.
    1. If consistent with the purpose, technical team will bring comment to the attention of the Technical Committee.  Technical Committee will review and proposed language will be developed to revise the section of the MGP. Proposed change will appear on the CMS site. 
    2. If not consistent with the purpose, a note will be added to the CMS stating that the comment is not valid. After a specified time period (e.g., 30 days) the comment will be removed.
    3. If it is not clear whether a comment is consistent with the purpose, it will be brought to the Technical Committee for review. After review, the process described in bullet point a or b will be followed.
  4. For comments that have been cleared for consideration, the Technical Committee will either accept the proposed changes or develop alternative language. After approved by the Technical Committee: 
    1. If the new language is substantive, it will be published for public review and the consensus process will be followed.
    2. If the change is considered to be editorial, it will simply be published. 
  5. After substantive changes have passed the consensus process, they will go to the COMNET Standing Committee for final approval. This approval will be procedural in nature.