Four-Pipe Fan Coil Systems

90.1-2016 BM

This section contains building descriptors required to model four-pipe fan coil systems. Note that this system requires an outside air ventilation source to serve the zones and that an airside economizer is not available. Note that additional HVAC components (chiller, boiler, pumps) are needed to fully define this system.


Capacity Control Method


Four-pipe fan coil systems


The control method for the fan coil unit at the zone. The following choices are available:

  • ConstantFanVariableFlow
  • CyclingFan
  • VariableFanConstantFlow
  • VariableFanVariableFlow


List (with choices above)

Input Restrictions

Not a User Input – Derived from building descriptors for fan control and chiller loop flow control

Baseline Building

Not Applicable